Sunday, 13 November 2011

Hooray - arrived in Las Palmas

Safe in Las Palmas, following a windless journey from Gibraltar which seems kind of ironic seeing as our departure was held up by foul winds we arrived in Gran Canaria on Friday late evening.
The trip down was uneventful with everything working well on the yacht, one of the advantage of light winds was being able to troll a line of the stern and our efforts were rewarded with 2 fish suppers (very yummy). Having departed from Gib just after midday we cleared the straits and set a course along the African Coast although planning to stay well off. In all the excitement we tried to settle into a night watch but none of us got much sleep the first night. Thankfully after a short period you get so tired that as soon as you come off watch and your head hits the pillow your out for the count. Its weird how your body apapts and on our first night back in port none of us slept well again as we kept waking up to fulfil our watch duties!
The atmosphere in Las Palmas is vibrant, there are still around 40 yachts to arrive, but we are here and resting before the next leg. The yachts are adorned in code flags and look very colourful, the crews are all in good spirits and there seems to be a party every night for those that can cope with it all.
Today we booked in at the ARC office, had our safety check and passed with flying colours so all is well on that front, we are planning a job day tomorrow before heading off for a swim followed by a paella and bottle of wine. We decided that a paella was almost compulsory as it will be some time before we have another opportunity to sample one.
Looking forward to all the seminars next week, hoping to learn lots and pick up some good tips which we can then use in the school.. Will set up a link on the website with tracking reference details and boat number which is 118 as soon as we know oursleves.

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