Tuesday, 1 November 2011

The Adventure begins

Our Caribbean adventure has begun, the yacht we are crossing on Kinnirossi Blue has arrived in Gibraltar. El Rubicon has been winterised, our bags are packed and we are set to meet the yacht in Gib. However a massive low pressure sitting in the Atlantic is delaying our departure to the Canaries until the weekend, hopefully it wont leave too much fetch. The prospect of seasickness at the outset is not going to inspire the crew with confidence!
Still it gives us time to gather our thoughts and take in what we are about to attempt, crossing the Atlantic under sail is not to be taken lightly and the weather will play a major part in our plans, our current delay is weather related so it clearly isn't doing us any favours at the moment, lets hope its just asking us to show it the the respect it deserves and will behave itself from now until we arrive in the Caribbean.

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