Friday, 22 November 2013

Is summer finally over

It seems strange to be saying this with Xmas just around the corner but summer finally appears to be over. Having spent the last months in little more than shorts and t-shirts we had a rude awakening this week with near freezing overnight temperatures and rather fresh days. The sun is still shining, but with teeth rattling winds from the North it means the shorts have been retired and with a pending trip to the UK are unlikely to re-appear in the immediate future.
Are the cooler temperatures down to Global warming or is it just that we are well into winter who knows, maybe its just that having experienced such fine weather to date, it would seem that we had not appreciated just how late into the year we really are. It goes to prove that you really can sail in this part of Spain year round and despite the cooler temperatures we are currently experiencing the days are still rather pleasant - albeit you need a few extra layers.
So once Xmas is over and done with, why not try something new and join our Day Skipper navigation courses which will be running throughout February and March. By the end of March we are expecting the shorts to re-appear and it is the perfect time to get afloat and learn new skills in time for Spring and Summer 2014.
To find out more about learning to sail in Spain or improving existing skills, please contact us or post a reply on the blog.
It may have turned chilly but temperatures are still far more pleasant than most British Summers...

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