Thursday, 5 July 2012

Last chance sailing

We are midway through our last sail training week before taking a break for summer to concentrate on the charter season. This week has been a mixed bag with some great sailing and some unfortunate motoring, having started this course from Mazarron it allowed us to visit the new harbour in Garrucha and those of you with Navionics on your I-pads/phones can read our review on line. We have also stopped at Juan Montiel in Aguilas which is a beautiful marina and deserves to be busier. Due to a lack of wind we have returned to Mazarron instead of our intended destination of Cartagena, the plan is to rest up for a few hours and hope the wind fills in before setting off for a night sail under the moon (just past full), fingers crossed for a clear night and some wind. Also this week we have caught fish and seen whales, we just need a few dolphins now to finish the week off.
RYA sailing courses resume in September, so if you've always wanted to give sailing a go but for one reason or another have never got round to it, now is your chance. Book early and try something new, let the adventure begin and who knows where the wind may blow you. 

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