Thursday, 29 March 2012

Marina prices

Running a sailing school means we get to visit numerous marinas, it always amazes me how much varience there can be in the pricing structures. Since leaving Cartagena on our adventure to the Spanish/Portuguese border town of Isla Canela, we have not paid more than 22€ for the night. Marinas on our usual sailing patch tend to charge far more than that with us rarely managing to pay less than 30€ per night in low season, I ask myself how can the pricing be so different, there is no drop in the level of service or quality of the infrastructure so why are we being forced to pay higher rates. Surely if the tariffs were lowered slightly it might encourage more cruising yachtspeople to visit the Costa Blanca and Calida areas. It makes sense to try and encourage growth and build a long term reputation rather than trying to make a quick buck now at the expense of the area becoming out of favour with cruisers.

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