Sunday, 26 December 2010

Merry Xmas from Malaysia

Xmas in Malaysia is not a big affair, having gone shopping on Xmas eve expecting the manic crowds that gather in Europe we were pleasantly surprised with the civility surrounding the shopping malls. Hoping to track down some Xmas carols and maybe a mince pie or two we stopped off in Starbucks, managed a coffee but no mince pies. Likewise the carol singers were absent, at least they were playing carols over the tannoy although it was still not feeling like Xmas. Having survived the shops our minds turned to dinner, now the problem was that everything closes on Friday in Langkawi and tonight this seemed to include all the local restaurants as well. Last year we went to a buffet in one of the local hotels so thought this would be a safe bet, it turned out to be their Xmas dinner meal and the price had doubled, with a stoke of luck we managed to get a preferential price and enjoyed some fabulous food complete with entertainment. When I say entertainment that term is used quite loosely, it reminded us of Pontins or Butlins, still we got our Xmas carols and Santa even arrived on the back of a Harley Davidson, clearly he had been enjoyed a few days on Langkawis beaches as he was looking rather tanned! Still the kids didnt seem to mind as he dished out presents.
With little going on we decided not to waste Xmas day and walked up the 580 odd steps that take you to Seven Wells, the start of a waterfall nestled high in the hills, there are two main pools and having stopped at the lower pool we decided that there were far too many people so we pressed on to the top pool. The views are remarkably and bathing in the fresh water just below the waterfall added a special something to the day. Once back at the car park our legs were like jelly and clearly a sign that we need to get a little fitter in the New Year! Xmas dinner was managed at Mangoes where Michelle and Lutz once again excelled themselves in turning out good western food. It still doesnt feel Xmassy here but a great time has been had, especially when talking to friend and family in the UK and Spain who are under snow with the central heating on full, which reminds me the temperature yesterday was around 35 degrees C. To view our Xmas pictures visit our facebook page, we are having a few days off from sailing but will be back on the water from 2nd January hopefully heading South towards Penang and Port Klang  

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