Saturday, 20 February 2010

Modular Fastrack Coastal Skipper Yachtmaster Coastal and Offshore

Coastal Skipper DOT is now called Yachtmaster Coastal and from 2010 we will be offering modular Fastrack courses so you can learn at your own pace. Following our winter in Asia we have teamed up with our colleagues in Langkawi and our pleased to offer a split Fastrack course between Spain, Portugal and Morrocco with the second half of the course being done in SE Asia between the stunning tidal locations of Langkawi Island, mainland Malaysia and Thailand.

8 week novice to Coastal Skipper, including Day Skipper and Coastal/Yachtmaster theory.
8 week Coastal Skipper to Yachtmaster, including Coastal/Yachtmaster theory.
16 week beginner to Yachtmaster, start at the beginning and work your way from Competent Crew up to Day Skipper whilst learning to navigate, before stepping up a gear to Coastal Skipper and then fine tuning all those new skills before sitting the Yachtmaster Offshore assessment. It´s not easy but with dedication and some of the best instructors in the industry you will get through!

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