Sunday, 22 March 2009

Straits of Gibraltar

Everything can change with a phone call, a quick 5 min conversation and I as on my way to Gibraltar to help out Peter from Power and Sail Academy. In true Gibraltar fashion the winds were blowing and we had a fantastic week sailing between Gibraltar, Spain and Morocco. The second week was a mile building trip upto Portugal, with gales forecast things were not looking good. Storm bound and going stir crazy we finally made it out of the Straits on Thursday morning. With 40 knots of wind, a favourable tide and 2.5 m swell we were spat out of the Straits before the conditions eased and set a course to Chipiona. Passing Cadiz bay is always a pleasure and this time was no exception, due to time constraints we literally touched and went from Chipiona and headed back to Barbate. After doing battle with the Tuna nets laid outside the harbour we touched and went again, back through the Straits, by now the wind had eased and changed direction, out came the cruising chute and we achieved 10 knots over the ground. By the end of 2.5 solid sailing we managed 286 Nm and had a thoroughly fantastic time. The area is always challenging and the shipping movements are continous so you need eyes in the back of your head. Anyoe lookig for a challenge in warm tidal waters should contact me for more details

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